Therapy is offered in Tracks


Track A=21 weeks

Track B= 26 weeks

Each class meets once a week for 2 hours.  Therapy cannot be taken until Education has been completed. Each session is $30.


Track C = 34 weeks

Track D = 43 weeks

Relapse preventon is offered as a 12 week program that focuses on guiding clients through a journey of recovery – by providing understanding to their situation and working together to improve their future. 


Interlock Enhancement Counseling


The program is 10 hours in length over 5 months. There are four two-hour group sessions, and four 30-minute individual sessions. The program begins with an individual session and is followed by a group the same month. 

  • Incentives for Early Enrollment:
  • May count as 10 hours for Track B, C and D
  • First offenders with BAC .08-.169 may obtain regular license after 4 months without problems on the interlock device
  • First offenders with BAC .17 with a two year Interlock Restricted License may obtain Interlock Restricted License after 30 days of no driving when other requirements are met.
  • Finish your track 5 weeks sooner!
  • May run concurrently with Tracks
  • May lower probability of failed starts and recidivism
  • May reduce the quantity and frequency of drinking