Seeking Safety

Seeking Safety was designed for people with a history of trauma and/or addiction.


Addiction means destructive use of alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, shopping, etc. 

It focuses on coping skills to help you become more safe in your relationship, thinking, and actions


If you have both trauma and addiction issues, we address the link between the two—how common it is for the two to go together. 

Seeking Safety is very safe and optimistic

 It focuses on your strengths and helps you increase them 

25 topics You can choose from

Ÿ Safety Ÿ Taking Good Care of Yourself

Ÿ Honesty Ÿ Asking for Help Ÿ Recovery ŸBoundary Setting Ÿ Healthy Relationships 

Ÿ Creating Meaning Ÿ CompassionŸ Detach from Emotional Pain (Grounding)

Ÿ Community Resources  

More topics include...

Ÿ DiscoveryŸ Getting Others Support in Recovery Ÿ Integrating the Split Self 

Ÿ CommitmentŸ Respecting Your Time 

Ÿ Coping with Triggers Ÿ Self-Nurturing 

Ÿ Red and Green Flags Ÿ Life Choices